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1Team Infos
(When 8-Count-Track write the full gym name which should be used in the mix)
Chosen Level: 0
Discount prices are calculated in the quotation. From 3 mixes 5% discount. From 5 mixes 10% discount.
The delivery time is basically 3 weeks. If you wish earlier delivery, express costs will be charged. We confirm the delivery date after checking the information, or suggest an alternative date.
You can request up to 5 songs for your mix. If you don't have any suggestions or only a few, we will choose the appropriate songs for your mix. Songs can only be selected from the following website:

Voice Over

For example: sayings / voice over / slogans / hashtags / city / zip code / area code

Anything else?

For example NCA, Summit or Worlds
Fo example: Theme / Achievements

8-Count Sheet

Klicke oder ziehe eine Datei in diesen Bereich zum Hochladen.
Please upload your 8-count sheet here. You can find a template at We strongly recommend to use this template to avoid misunderstandings! If you are not yet ready with your 8-countsheet, please send it to at least 3 weeks before your desired delivery date. Production will not start until we receive the complete 8-countsheet. Please make sure that you send us the 8-count sheet in Excel format.


Sending a video is recommended! This allows us to adjust the mix to the routine better than with just an 8count sheet. In the video, an entire routine should be done without interruptions using an 8count mix. In each sequence, at least one stunt group should have the particular stunt or side of the pyramid built so we can track exactly what is happening in the routine. A video is too big to upload here, so please send it to us via wetransfer to