Summer Stuntfest 2020 postponed!

Unfortunately, due to the current situation regarding the COVID-19 virus, we are forced to postpone the 10th Summer Stuntfest. The new date will be July 17 & 18th, 2021. We are very sorry to have to make this decision because the Stuntfest is a meeting point for many groups of friends every year and the reward for one year of hard work by our small team. Nevertheless, the health of all participants and employees comes first. We are already looking forward to welcome you back to the Stuntfest in 2021. At this page you will find all relevant information for ticket buyers. You can find more information about the postponement and the Stuntfest in general at:    

All ICheer Mixes are licensed from now on!

From the season 20/21 on, we as ICheer will move completely to the production of licensed mixes only.

How did this decision come about? Our world federation (International Cheer Union) as well as the American federation (USA Cheer) now prescribe music producers in the area of cheerleading and cheer dance to produce exclusively licensed mixes in order to continue to be listed as "Preffered Provider". This listing, however, has only advertising purposes, but is also a necessary condition for a team to be allowed to start with their mix at an American championship. It is only allowed to start on American championships with a mix from a USA Cheer "Preffered Provider"! Although we don't have such a regulation in Germany yet, we as a company have to follow these rules to be listed as a "Preffered Provider". What changes come my way? The biggest change is that only royalty-free songs or "cover songs" (for which a license must be purchased) may be used. "Chart Songs" may no longer be used for the mixes, unless a license is purchased for them. Unfortunately, these licenses can only be purchased from the respective record company itself, and usually cost between 500 and several thousand euros per song and license. Therefore, if you want to integrate "chart songs" into a mix, you use so-called "cover versions". These are sung versions by somewhat less known artists. Also for these "cover songs" you have to buy a license, but this is only 20€/ song per mix. Are there pros / cons? An important benefit is: In the future, you can start with any ICheer mix at championships all over the world and you don't have to produce a separate mix for a championship in the USA, for example. Another advantage is that all rights for a mix will be held by ICheer itself. This means that ICheer mixes can be used in TV productions, played on major events or posted on social media without hesitation. However, licenses for a mix will only be valid for one season. In order to use a mix for two seasons, you will need to apply for a re-license for the second season. Your licenses will be renewed for another season. The re-licensing costs a one-time fee of 75€.   All details can be found here!